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keep right except to pass


KEEP RIGHT Except to Pass, Fuuck

Keep Right Except to Pass is a difficult concept. On paper it sounds great. Keep on the right side of the road (in most places in the world where you drive on the right), unless you want to pass. Once you finish passing, go back to the right lane. But most people do not understand this. "Lane Blockers" are everywhere. They absolutely love driving in the left lane (aka fast lane) at all times. Fuuck! Move over!
This is how it should work:

driving rules


If you have trouble with this concept, just stay in the right lane at all times. Fuuck!

This is a major problem in North America. I've travelled to Europe and they stay in the right lane. In fact, if you stay in the left lane the cars behind you will start flashing their blinkers, high beams and honk their horn. I would like to see people from North America drive over there!


To everyone hogging the passing lane, this song is for you! Move B*tch...

Updated: Sunday November 20, 2011 11:08:28 PM